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   POJOs in Action

"A valuable guide for lightweight development."
Craig Walls, Author, Spring in Action

"The author definitely knows what he is talking about."
Oliver Zeigermann, J2EE Architect and Apache committer


We offer a variety of services to help you build better software faster. We can tailor any combination of these services to meet your needs. Read on to find out more or  please contact us.

Amazon EC2 deployment

  We can help your team quickly get up to speed with Cloud Computing. We will help you migrate an existing application to the Amazon EC2 environment. We can also help you architect new applications to fully leverage the capabilities of Amazon Web Services.

Project jumpstart


  A project jumpstart is a cost-effective way to ensure that your application is highly maintainable and adaptable to the changing needs of the business. Our experienced consultants will create a robust, POJO-based, evolutionary architectural prototype, which implements key business scenarios and illustrates how to use frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate. We also train your team on the chosen architecture, technologies and agile development techniques including developer testing. After the jump start ends, we periodically review your team's progress as they finish the application. For more information about a project jump start see here.

Project tune up


  Is your project in need of a tune up? We work with your development team to improve your application and development process. We review your application's architecture and code as well as your development process. We identify projects risks and find ways to simplify your application and increase maintainability and testability. We will also look for ways to improve your development process. The tune up will keep your project running smoothly and enable your development team to respond more rapidly to the changing needs of the business.

Performance tuning

  We can work with you to improve the performance and scalability of your enterprise Java application. For example, we can optimize how Hibernate accesses the database.




For in-depth knowledge transfer, we offer a variety of classes including

POJO immersions



Alternatively, you can learn while developing your application. An immersion is a combination of training and coaching that covers just the technologies that you have selected for your project. You will spend several intense days learning those lightweight frameworks while implementing one or more of your application's scenarios or use cases. At the end, you will have gained a solid understanding of POJOs and lightweight frameworks and made progress on your application. For more information about our Spring/Hibernate immersion please go here.




Work with an experienced architect and developer to increase productivity and avoid common pitfalls. Learn how to effectively use frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate and iBATIS SQL Maps. Find out the best way to migrate an existing application from EJB 2 to Spring or EJB 3. Learn how to design and develop a new application with these technologies. Through a mixture of presentations, coaching and pair programming you can get off to the right start and rapidly become self- reliant.




If you are an early stage startup with a product concept, we can work with you to make it real. We refine the requirements, select the technologies and define the product's architecture. We create the development plan, hire the engineering team and work with them to build the product. After our full-time replacement takes over, we are available as a technical advisor.

Proof of concept development



Do you need to develop a proof of concept or compelling demo but lack the resources to do it in-house? We will work with you to identify the key use cases and UI design. After that, we will quickly develop a working and tested application. You can use this application as the basis for future development and/or demo to your customers and investors.

Technical talks


Learn useful new frameworks and development techniques.  Arrange for a technical talk on a topic that will improve your development process or application. There are a variety of topics to choose from including POJOs, Hibernate, Spring, JDO, EJB3, aspect oriented programming and test-driven development. If you are new to POJOs and lightweight frameworks then these technical talks are a good way to get an overview of the technology. For more information about our technical talks please go here.

For more information please contact us.




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