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  We provide a variety of services including:

Training classes for Spring, Hibernate and Acegi Security

Jumpstarts to get your project off to the right start

Reviews to improve your architecture, code and development process





POJOs in Action

"A good way to quickly get up to speed with today's practices for lightweight development."
Floyd Marinescu, Founder, Creator,

"Chris Richardson's book is a well-written and thorough guide to implementing familiar Enterprise Architecture patterns with POJOs. Aimed at the designer, the book provides valuable advice on the benefits and potential pitfalls of using Spring, Hibernate, JDO and iBATIS to implement scalable, performant systems. Highly recommended.
The Pragmatic Architect

"Brings back simplicity to enterprise Java applications."
Jonas Boner, Senior Software Architect, Terracotta, Inc.

"A valuable guide for lightweight development."
Craig Walls, Author, Spring in Action

"The author definitely knows what he is talking about."
Oliver Zeigermann, J2EE Architect and Apache committer

"Extremely valuable, plenty of sample code... I enthusiastically recommend it!"
Brendan Murray, Senior Software Achitect, IBM


Developing enterprise Java applications with lightweight frameworks

POJOs in Action describes the new, easier ways to develop enterprise Java applications. It describes how to make key design decisions when developing business logic using POJOs, including how to organize and encapsulate the business logic, access the database, manage transactions, and handle database concurrency. This book is a new-generation Java applications guide: it enables readers to successfully build lightweight applications that are easier to develop, test, and maintain.

POJOs in Action is now available from Manning or you can order from Amazon.

You can also download the source code examples or participate in the book's discussion forum.

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