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   POJOs in Action

"Brings back simplicity to enterprise Java applications."
 Jonas Boner, Senior Software Achitect, Terracotta, Inc.


Who we work with

We work with enterprise Java developers in companies of all sizes ranging from the IT departments of fortune 500 companies to early stage startups.

Do any of the following scenarios fit your situation?

You are interesting in deploying applications on Amazon EC2.  Cloud computing has tremendous benefits but getting started can challenging because of the large learning curve. You would like to get head start in deploying your applications on Amazon EC2 and would like to understand how to best take advantage of that environment.

You are starting a new project and want to learn how to use lightweight technologies such as Spring, Hibernate and JDO effectively. POJOs and lightweight frameworks are much easier to use than older enterprise Java technologies. But like every technology they have their traps and pitfalls. Moreover, developers experienced with them are rare.

You want to migrate an existing application to Spring and JDO/Hibernate and want to know the best way to do that. You need to be able to quickly incorporate POJOs and lightweight frameworks into your application while being able to continue developing new features.

You need to develop a prototype or a compelling demo for a tradeshow or investors but lack the resources to do it internally. You might be an early stage startup without an engineering team. Or, you might be marketer in an established company but without the engineering resources you need to prototype new product ideas.

You are an early startup with a product concept but do not have an engineering team to build it. If you are a business or marketing person then putting together an engineering team and starting product development can be a challenge.

Our clients share many of the following characteristics. If they fit you as well, you are likely to be someone we can work with to improve your software development:

  • Committed to finding better ways to develop software
  • Willing and able to embrace new technologies and techniques
  • High standards of excellence
  • Strongly believe in testing
  • Have a sustainable development process

If you fit the profile then read on to find out about our services that will help you to simplify and accelerate your development.




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