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  We provide a variety of services including:

Training classes for Spring, Hibernate and Acegi Security

Jumpstarts to get your project off to the right start

Reviews to improve your architecture, code and development process




My presentations at Spring One 2007

I gave a couple of presentations at Spring One 2007.

Improving application design with a rich domain model

Java is an object-oriented language and object-oriented design is considered by many to be a good way to tackle complexity. However, surprisingly many complex enterprise Java applications are written in a procedural style. The business tier consists of fat services and anemic domain models and consequently can be difficult to understand, maintain and test.

In this presentation, you will learn about how to improve your applications by implementing business logic using rich POJO domain model. We will compare and contrast a procedural design with an object-oriented design and describe the benefits of using an object-oriented approach. You will learn how to identify procedural code smells and eliminate them by refactoring your code - something you can start doing the Monday morning after the conference.

You can download the slides from here: (registration required) or you can watch the talk here: You can download the example code from here

How to build Enterprise Java applications with Spring

The Spring framework has an extremely rich set of features that span all tiers of the application. If you are relatively new to Spring you might be wondering which of the many features to focus on; which features to avoid; and how to use the various features together in an application. This talk describes how the Spring framework was used to build an enterprise Java application. We will walk through each tier of the application and describe how the Spring framework was used. You will learn about how Spring was used to solve various design issues including:

  • wiring application components together
  • handling crosscutting concerns including transactions, audit logging, and security
  • simplifying database access.
  • testing

You can download the slides from here: (registration required) or you can watch the talk here:


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