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  We provide a variety of services including:

Training classes for Spring, Hibernate and Acegi Security

Jumpstarts to get your project off to the right start

Reviews to improve your architecture, code and development process



Articles and presentations about Amazon EC2

I gave a presentation about using EC2 at JavaOne 2008. It provides an overview of Amazon EC2, describes how to run Java EE applications on EC2 and discusses Cloud Tools, which is an open-source framework for deploying Java EE applications on EC2.

There are three main parts to Cloud Tools:

  • Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that are configured to run Tomcat and work with EC2Deploy
  • EC2Deploy - the core framework. This framework manages EC2 instances, configures MySQL, Tomcat, Terracotta and Apache and deploys the application.
  • Maven and Grails plugins that use EC2Deploy to deploy an application to EC2

There are some articles that describe how to get started with Cloud Tools:



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