Training and Consulting Services

Chris Richardson has helped numerous clients around the world adopt the microservices architecture.

As well as helping clients with the technical aspects of the microservice architecture, Chris also helps them avoid other pitfalls of adopting microservices including those related to process, organization and adoption strategy.

For more, see his keynote at the O'Reilly Software Architecture conference Potholes in the road from monolithic hell

We offer a variety of training and consulting services to help accelerate and derisk your migration to the microservice architecture.

Training classes

Chris teaches two day, three day and five day classes. Training can also be customized to meet your needs.

What’s unique about these classes:

  • You benefit from Chris’s extensive real-world experience working with numerous clients around the world
  • These classes use a pattern-based approach, which emphasizes the trade-offs of choosing a particular approach and enables you to make better decisions
  • They focus on the most challenging aspects of the microservice architecture
    • Deciding when to use microservices
    • Service identification and definition
    • Migrating to a microservice architecture

Consulting services

Chris provides consulting services to get you on the right track with the microservices architecture. He can work you with you to develop a strategy for adopting microservices, define your microservice architecture and select the technical architecture.

To find out more, please contact us.